Minimalist Philosophy

My general philosophy towards life is to focus on the essentials and simply ignoring the frivolities.  We are in an information & distraction age, and we generate an unbelievable amount of information every day.  Using myriad digital platforms, we can distract ourselves 24/7 and not feel like we've accomplished anything.

After much self-reflection, I currently believe that the components to a truly fulfilling life are

- Health (physical, mental, psychological, emotional, social)
- Passions (interests, personal growth, and intellectual pursuits)
- Relationships (family, friends, and community)

Some may feel certain areas come more naturally than others.  Some areas may require more dedication and time.  Personally, my passions and my physical health are easy for me to focus on and cultivate.  However, I have neglected my social & psychogical health and my relationships.

Part of the reason for writing this blog is to enhance my relationships by sharing my passions: nutrition, health & wellness, and psychology in all aspects of life.

I have felt various societal pressures throughout my life, such as "grow up and stop acting childish," "get a high paying job," and "Buy more things!"  I feel like I have been influenced by society to want some nebulous lifestyle full with a big house full of things.  After thinking about it some more ... I don't want a big house full of things!!

I have spent a lot of time recently rediscovering what I knew when I was a kid: what I really like to do for fun and how to view the world without any filters.  I believe this is the core to minimalism.  Focus on what YOU WANT, and simply forget about the rest.

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